Active Wellness has provided amazing care to me over the years for a variety of health issues and always keeps me pursuing greater health and well-being.

— Erin, Waukee

I love the 'small town' friendliness and caring Dr. Aaron and Dr. Kurt extend! You know they truly do care, you're not just another patient!

— Pete, Round Kick Gym

Dr. Aaron and Dr. Kurt came to me highly recommended by many members of the gym I attend and instruct at. I've seen then for two separate conditions and couldn't be happier with the results. They differ from other doctors in that they don't limit my activity...but instead, work with me in a way that rehabilitates me without having to give up my active lifestyle. I have had immediate, long lasting results from the techniques they use and will continue to see them whenever I need to. They are both extremely personable on top of that, and care deeply about their patients. I couldn't speak highly enough of them and their services...and continue to see success after success from friends of mine who are treated by them as well! They are unlike any other place you can find and you can be sure to have a positive experience at Active Wellness.

— Carly-Johnston

After years of back pain due to my excessive lifting ,biking, martial arts ect.....I have finally found relief through the help of Dr. Kurt!!! I used to have cortizone injections in my L5 to help with the pain but now have been pain free and injection free for over a year with the help of Dr. Kurt! My favorite thing is how thorough these guys are, this is NOT a cattle herding chiropracor....they spend time diagnosing, stretching, adjusting and then icing you down for MAXIMUM relief....most chiropractors in my experience spend about 2 minutes with you and then rush in the next patient....these guys actually CARE for their patients! You WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

— Jeremy-Urbandale

I've been going to chiropractors for over 30 years and Dr. Aaron and Dr. Kurt are the first ones to make me feel like they really do care about how I'm feeling. I'm not just another $ to them. They are genuine, warm, and never make me feel like my questions are 'dumb' and will take as much time as needed. I've never felt rushed. They've shown me that my aches and pains aren't always from misalignment and can be from muscle issues. The Graston and ART muscle techniques they do are incredible! Several visits I wasn't even adjusted, they just did the muscle techniques and I left feeling energized and ready to take on anything!!! The very first visit they were upfront and said if they didnt think they could help me, they would tell me. They truly are a Godsend!

— Pam-Grimes

"I have received significant relief with the assistance of Dr. Kurt and Dr. Aaron. They have structured a program that fits my limitations and brings about continued improvement."

— Tim Brynes, Johnston, Iowa

"I have dealt with Lower Back Pain and a bulging disk for the past year and a half, after 6 sessions with Dr. Aaron, my leg muscles have become less tense, I can go on long car trips with out having numbness and shooting pains into my legs. Dr. Aaron is knowledgeable and cautious which made me know he had my best health and future life in the forefront. The clinic is great and family friendly and my wife loves the convenience of the masseuse. I look forward to going to Dr. Aaron for maintenance in the future and not only for me but my entire family. If you are new to Chiropractic (as I was) this is a great place to be treated and taught!"

— Ryan Johnson, Ankeny, Iowa

"I have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember- as time went I made them apart of my day. I knew I would get a headache daily, but I lived with it and took over the counter meds to try and help. During a networking event I met Dr. Kurt and Dr. Aaron. I told them my headache story and they both instantly became concerned and my new chiropractors. After only a week my headaches were almost non-existent. I was amazed at what Dr. Kurt accomplished in such little time. I now live my day's headache free and love it."

— Trisha Steines, Des Moines, Iowa

"Doctors Aaron and Kurt have greatly impacted the life of my entire family. I was referred by a close friend who met these guys at a Johnston Chamber event. My husband suffered from low back pain for years and for the first time in years saw relief during his first visit. My son suffered from knee pain during the track season and is now able to run without pain. As for me, I am headache free for over a month!!! These guys are not you average chiropractors; they helped us in so many ways."

— Susan Helsted, Grimes, Iowa

Active Wellness' staff are always attentive, actually take time to listen to your concerns, extremely knowledgeable and provide specific feedback on how to improve and recover as safely and efficiently as possible.  Friendship and fun staff and atmosphere, too!

— Renee Hahn

Dr. Kurt and Dr. Aaron are top notch Chiropractors!! I don't even like using the term "Chiropractor" to describe these two as the work and effort that they put in to ensuring progress on every visit is not indicative of normal chiropractors. I was introduced to Dr. Kurt at my gym and I knew that I had found the missing link in my competitive endeavors. I've been working with Dr. Kurt for about five months, spending time with the Graston technique, active recruitment stretching, weight training, etc. Through this, I have gained flexibility, releived joint and muscle soreness, and improved my overall ability to be a competitive athlete. Kurt and Aaron are great people on top of being great Chiropractors. I have a blast every time I'm in the office and look forward to working with both of them for a very long time.

— Bart B.

I've been going to Active Wellness since I moved to the DSM area in 2010.  I see Dr. Kurt the majority of the time and he is awesome!  He's attentive, thorough, and always does his best to help me get better.  He's amazing!

— Nick-Urbandale, Iowa