Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine program is dedicated to answering the question of why injuries happen or keep happening to athletes. The initial evaluation process is one of the most distinguishing and important tools we at Active Wellness have to offer. We place a special emphasis on both the observational and functional examination including sport specific video analysis as needed. During our assessment and treatment, if we can work together to identify why you're experiencing a specific pain or injury, we can help prevent it from happening again.

This type of approach is essential for our elite athletes in particular. It is very important that the nature of your injury is established so that maximum potential is returned. When injury is present it does not matter how incredible your talent is, if you can’t stay on the field you can't compete.
Helping you achieve your goals is our passion and our priority. Our unique program includes instruction in proper movement training, injury reduction, and rehabilitation approaches. 

We then utilize our Performance Lab to help to improve speed techniques, foot speed and agility, explosive power development, appropriate functional strength training, and specific energy system conditioning.