With every individual, we begin first by identifying the "why" behind the problem and/or injury. Our focus is to assess not only the area of complaint, but more importantly, what other factors have contributed to the irritation and the countless other possible variables that might be connected to the issue. This attention to detail is the foundation of our evaluation process, and is a fundamental point of distinction for Active Wellness.

 We believe each injury is unique. Our focus is to treat each condition in an individualized way, our clinicians are trained not to make assumptions or to use pre-determined treatment protocols. A perfect example is when a person has pain in their arm and shoulder. As far as that individual knows there has been no direct trauma to either the shoulder or the arm where the pain is present. With this type of presentation, it would be nearly impossible for the problem to be coming from the arm and shoulder alone. Very often there is a variable in the neck or the upper back that is not functioning properly and therefore is creating abnormal stress on the area leading to inflammation, pain, and eventual damage to the involved structures. To treat the shoulder or the arm without identifying the cause will only produce short-term and incomplete results.

Similar to any other physician’s office we require a thorough history from the individual. The difference is, we place a strong emphasis on the neuro-musculo-skeletal examination. We choose to use both global functional observations and classic regional orthopedic assessments. This process gives our clinicians the ability to evaluate the entire body. By using this approach, we are not overly influenced by your painful area, and will often times find explanations for your problems that may not have been previously identified.