About Dr. Peters

Trevor is a Doctor of Chiropractic and also holds a degree in Human Biology from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Dr. Trevor specializes in functional movement of the human body, and bases his care on the improvement of body mechanics through a combination of manual therapies, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, therapeutic exercises, and patient education. This combination has shown to be very effective in improving pain, body performance and treating/preventing injuries.

Dr. Trevor provides very personalized research-based care designed to help each patient achieve optimal body performance. He is a Titleist Performance Institute certified medical provider, which is a rehabilitative and performance program specifically designed to help athletes and golfers of all abilities perform at their highest level as well as treat golf related injuries. As a chiropractor who participated in golf, football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling growing up, including baseball in college, Dr. Trevor deeply understands the important connection between body performance and proper body maintenance/training. He has since focused on becoming an expert in the treatment of the human body and movement pertaining to sports and daily life activities.

Dr. Trevor currently resides in Ames with his fiancé Shelby. When he isn’t at the office or furthering his education he enjoys spending time with family and friends, golfing, and fishing